Jun 24, 2014

On the edge of a dream

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                              On the edge of a Dream

I Phone Camera
This pic was snapped with my I-phone. 
It is slowly becoming my camera of choice. 

Gone are the days of my Nikon FE.

I have just begun to play with the camera features on my phone.
The panoramic possibilities are thrilling me!
The detail and clarity of the finished product amazing me.

I am especially pleased with the "Chrome" enhancement filter.
 It brings a great bounce to color pictures, of any subject.

I am wowed by the capabilities of my I Phone C!
A very generous gift that now I C
as tool it has the potential to be. 

The phones auto functions are now coupled 
with my creative energy,
which beckons me to originality. 

I go out for a look and see... 

   I think  I'll go right
-to the heart of the matter.

Down memory lane with my camera recorder
to capture the moments
at the heart of my matter.

Up-Cycled neck tie to the rescue

Of course I never leave home without my I phone Case!
These fashionably clever, functionally handy cases
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The leather strap looks as good as it wears. 
UpCycled I Phone Case
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Leather strap. 
Velcro enclosure for added safety.
Know where your phone is.
Fashionable, hands free carrying case.

I love mine.
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Jun 22, 2014

Is Home where the Heart is?

Lillian the Domestic Engineer
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labor round the clock at mustering the making of miracles.
In the name of Love they undertake to partake
in the free rearing of a humanity for its own sake.

Traditionally a Mom she has been
whether or not her heart was in it.
Assumptions and inequality
attempting to feed
 the needs of reality starved communities.

Thankfully with the potential for equality
 in conversation now at Internet Speed
and a Boomers desire to Liberate Humanity
domestication is finally being viewed in a new way.

Just being female no longer makes it true
that domestication is meant for you.

I'm alright with that. I believe in equality.
I hope that my Sons will each have the opportunity
to experience Fatherhood, guiltlessly.
From within the confines of a domesticity
 that is valued in a society
as a worthy and rewarding career.

The world is at work
changing the way we view the Homemaker and domesticity
and so it darn well should be.
The business of being at home is becoming less of a gender issue
and more a reaction to the needs of family in community.

Families of Humans
who undertake to partake
in the rearing of humanity for goodness sakes...
Living with a Zen to be-
each however individually
able to simply Live and let be.

So be it.
Tis the differences between us that make the world interesting
-Lest we forget that.

Blessed be our children by the Love that abounds
in households being liberated the world round.

Home is where the heart is and where our children should be!

Homemaker have earned a priceless place in humanity.
Building the houses of our communities
into homes of safe growth and moral integrity. 

By investing in the value of raising humanity
we ensure the future of our own sanity.  

Perhaps the time has finally come
for the world to rally behind our "Moms"
be that a he or a she
to liberate the finances for domesticity
to help make family all that it can be.

The Society of Domestic Engineers

Domain domesticates.
A silent majority
Working universally
Laboring endlessly.
Multitasking tirelessly.
Cheering relentlessly.

The long and winding road
that leads to your door
should never disappear....

we've seen that road before my dear
it always leads to here...

do we really value
our Domestic Engineers?

How do we value the Homemaker in the 21st Century?
 At $97,000.00 a year "Experts" say.

At what cost do we work to keep the Homemaker from obscurity?
 At any cost, I say!

Isn't it an occupation that we must finally undertake to pay
knowing that the absence of
results in the cost being higher than we can afford to
 and much more than we should be willing to pay.

Jun 8, 2014

Are you happy?

Like an open book, a smiling face incites the opportunity for others to enter.
Lillian the Domestic Engineer Blogspot.ca

There is nothing better for the constitution
 than a smile
 that in turn becomes a great grin
that finally results in a hearty laugh...
except maybe to have a little Sun (Son) with that.
My mid winter pick me up on occasion
takes me to the local Arena for a dose of glee,
Tom Thumb style.
Tis my free ticket to happy.

I love the innocence of children.
and the absence of head games 
allows for the expansion of joy
found in the honesty of innocence
amid the game of life.

Be true to thyself.

Tis not long before I am laughing out loud.
The antics, the attitudes and the apparent joy in the 3 and 4 year old kids out on the ice, having the time of their lives is infectious.
I'm always glad I came.

The arena of Life.

The leadership, generously donated by the Coaching staff is admirable.
The parental support in the stands is encouraging and rewarding.
The energy that abounds in the arena is refreshing.
The experience is enlightening.
I am overwhelmed with the warmth of a good thing.
I savor the moment.

I smile at myself in the glass
I smile at the image of myself
in the glass-
where the visions of a future
and the
reflections of a past
are projected onto the window
of my face in the glass.

I am suddenly struck with a melancholy that clouds my eyes.
I am overcome with the desire to cry.
A sentimental Soul am I.

All four of my Sons played through the Minor Hockey System.

Many a memory has been made. 

I finish my 1/2 Hot Chocolate 1/2 French Vanilla
and drop the Styrofoam cup into the can on my way out the Arena.
 I grin as I step out into the brisk 20 below day
feeling happier than I had been earlier in the day
 and being thankful for the sunshine that was coming my way.

I am grateful that joy is infectious and that happiness is free.

Look at me!

On the road home I smiled as I thought about happy.

Being happy requires the bravery to be true to yourself
in spite of everything and everyone else.
 Being happy requires that you dare to laugh at yourself
 even if it does make you pee!
 Happiness demands that you be ready for the invasion of gaiety
no matter who you are.
Happiness requires discipline to allow for the spontaneity of the moment.
 Happiness counts on the absence of sadness and the allowance of joy

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.
 If you're happy and you know it and your face will surely show it,
 if you're happy and you know it.....say hooray!
If you clapped your hands give yourself a pat on the back.
If you said hooray.... say hooray again.
Happiness isn't just happen stance,
Happy is the result of making a choice and taking a chance.

Do not be hard on yourself
should you fail to experience the pleasures of happiness
 for in the sorrow of sadness
 valuable lessons are learned.
After all, there's got to be a little rain sometimes..

Be good to yourself in spite of the weather
Life is for living and Happy worth discovering.


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